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lic. phil. Leonora Sonego

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin "Ṭuṭūn"-Projekt - Doktorandin (Islamwissenschaft)


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  • Arabic Papyprology Database
  • PhD project: The development of scribal hands in non-literary arabic documents. Script angles as indicators of period or of genre?

    The project roughly follows a method suggested by one of the first APD collaborators, Eva Grob, in her 2013 paper entitled „A catalogue of dating criteria for undated Arabic papyri with ‘cursive’ features“. The question will be whether script angles, i.e. the degree of hanging and the slant of hastae, can be used as dating criteria, or whether they are indicators of their geographic origin or textual genre. Furthermore, it will be investigated how tools from neighbouring disciplines, like arabic codicology, numismatics, epigraphy, hebrew and even latin manuscript studies and graphology can be transferred to the field of arabic papyrology. Also the arabic tradition of adab al-kātib literature can not be entirely dismissed, although it does not cover the first centuries of documentary production.

  • Curriculum vitae