Institut für den Nahen und Mittleren Osten


Joseph Faragalla

Dr. Joseph Faragalla

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (Judaistik)


Institut für den Nahen und Mittleren Osten
Veterinärstr. 1,
D-80539 München

Raum: 212

My research focuses chiefly on the study of Christian Arabic literature
with particular emphasis on the tradition of biblical interpretation
among the oriental Christians, especially that of the Copts, Syrians and
Ethiopians. I am currently pursuing a research project funded by the
German Research Foundation (DFG) that aims to create a critical edition
of the Commentary of Simʿān ibn Kalīl, a Coptic author from the 12/13th
century, on the Gospel of Matthew. In this context a special focus of my
research lies on the study of the reception of biblical exegesis from
the Church of the East - represented here mainly by Abu-'l-Faraǧ
ʿAbdallāh Ibn-aṭ-Ṭayyib (died 1043) - in the commentary of Ibn Kalīl.
The project also aims to investigate the use of the patristic
interpretation of the scripture in the commentary and deals with some
issues of the translation technique of the Gospel catena from Greek,
through Coptic into Arabic.

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