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Der Islam 94 (2017), Heft 2

Journal for the History and Culture of the Middle East, ed. by Stefan Heidemann, Gottfried Hagen, Andreas Kaplony, Rudi Matthee, and Amke Dietert

Autoren/Herausgeber: Andreas Kaplony et al.
Erschienen: 2017
Publikationsart: Publikationen / Bücher
  • Thematic Focus: Iran and Islam: Early Encounters | 319
  • Christian C. Sahner: The First Iconoclasm in Islam: A New History of the Edict of Yazīd II (AH 104/AD 723) | 5
  • Maria Macuch: Descent and Inheritance in Zoroastrian and Shiʿite Law: A Preliminary Study | 322
  • Kianoosh Rezania: The Dēnkard: Against its Islamic Discourse | 336


  • Michael Lecker: The Monotheisic Cousins of Muḥammad’s Wife Khadīja | 363
  • Stijn Aerts: The Ascension and Descension, and Prayer-Times in the Sīra and the Ḥadīth. Notes on Dating and Chronology | 385
  • George Saliba: Avicenna’s Shifāʾ (Sufficientia): in Defense of Medieval Latin Translators | 423
  • Muriel Roiland et Jacqueline Sublet: *Textes flottants*: L’exemple d’Abū Šāma. Une écriture de l’histoire dans le Proche-Orient aux VIIe-IXe/XIIIe-XVe siècles | 434
  • Maxim Romanov: Observations of a Medieval Quantitative Historian? | 462
  • Hakan Kırımlı and Ali Yaycıoğlu: Heirs of Chinghis Khan in the Age of Revolutions: An Unruly Crimean Prince in the Ottoman Empire and Beyond | 496


  • Bibliographie raisonnée zur arabischen Papyrologie: Neuerscheinungen 2016 und Nachträge 2013–2015 (Andreas Kaplony et. al.) | 527
  • Pascal Buresi, Hicham El Aallaoui: Gouverning the Empire: Provincial Administration in the Almohad Caliphate (1224‒1269) (Daniel Potthast) | 553
  • Michelina Di Cesare: The Pseudo-Historical Image of the Prophet Muḥammad in Medieval Latin Literature: A Repertory (Matthias Maser) | 556
  • Christian Gaubert, Jean-Michel Mouton: Hommes et villages du Fayyoum dans la documentation papyrologique arabe (Xe-Xie siècles) (Daniel Potthast) | 563
  • François Georgeon, Nicolas Vatin, Gilles Veinstein (eds.): Dictionnaire de l’Empire ottoman (Yavuz Köse) | 566
  • Michael Hope: Power, Politics, and Tradition in the Mongol Empire and the Īlkhānate of Iran (Jürgen Paul) | 570
  • Andreas Kaplony, Daniel Potthast, Cornelia Römer: From Bāwīṭ to Marw. Documents from the Medieval Muslim World (Petra M. Sijpesteijn) | 573
  • Alex Mallett: Popular Muslim Reactions to the Franks in the Levant, 1097‒1291 (Luke Yarbrough) | 577
  • Daniel Pachurka (ed.): Ricoldus de Monte Crucis, Tractatus seu disputatio contra Saracenos et Alchoranum (Ulli Roth) | 583
  • Jürgen Paul (ed.): Nomad Aristocrats in a World of Empires (David Morgan) | 587
  • Jürgen Paul: Lokale und Imperiale Herrschaft im Iran des 12. Jahrhunderts. Herrschaft und Konzepte (Tilmann Trausch) | 590
  • "It Takes Two to Tango". Double Crime (Re-)Search in the Mamluk Empire. Review article of Carl F. Petry: The Criminal Underworld in a Medieval Islamic Society. Narratives from Cairo and Damascus under the Mamluks and Bernadette Martel-Thoumian: Délinquance et ordre social. L’état mamlouk syro-égyptien face au crime à la fin du IXe – XVe siècle (Albrecht Fuess) | 596
  • Yossef Rapoport, Shahab Ahmed (eds.) Ibn Taymiyya and his Times and Sophia Vasalou: Ibn Taymiyya’s Theological Ethics (Raissa von Doetinchem de Rande) | 601
  • Elisha Russ-Fishbane: Judaism, Sufism, and the Pietists of Medieval Egypt (Sara Sviri) | 606
  • Daniella Talmon-Heller, Katia Cytryn-Silverman (eds.): Material Evidence and Narrative Sources: Interdisciplinary Studies of the History of the Muslim Middle East (Sheila Blair) | 609
  • Isabel Toral-Niehoff: Al-Ḥīra. Eine arabische Kulturmetropole im spätantiken Kontext (Jens Scheiner) | 612

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