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New MA Program „Global Communication – Politics and Society“

Universität Erfurt


The Department for Media and Communication Studies at the University of Erfurt, Germany, introduces a new MA Study Program entitled "Global Communication - Media and Politics".

It is one of only very few English language MA programs in the field of international communication in Germany and the only one with a prime focus on comparative research about media and communication in Europa, America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

We welcome students from around the world. Please, apply to this exiting new MA programme and make friends aware of it.
Programme Details
The MA Programme „Global Communication – Media and Politics“ is a predominantly English language consecutive degree dealing with media systems and communication cultures in international comparison.

What role do the media play in contemporary democracies, in political transformation, in war or crises in different regions of the world? Is today’s media society globally oriented or do modern media help to reproduce old stereotypes and heat up racism through hate speech? Does humankind from the US and Europe to Asia, Africa and Latin America share a common vision of an “information society”, in which knowledge and human relationships are increasingly “mediatized”? The program also addresses the individual psychological processing of media, the effectiveness of media content, and current transformations in media production and media.

The MA program is innovative in that it considers global communication through international comparison rather than as isolated national processes. Moreover, international cross-border communication, foreign news reporting and the globalization of everyday lifeworld’s are analyzed. While the program is primarily oriented towards the social sciences, it also takes into account approaches from the fields of cultural studies. Besides developing academic research skills and learning quantitative and qualitative empirical methods, students will acquire knowledge of academic communication consultancy in dedicated teaching units.

Language Proficiency
The core curriculum will be taught in English. Therefore, very good English proficiency is required in order to successfully follow the program. Students from abroad who are unable to speak German language should study German before and during their studies so that they can benefit from additional courses that are taught in German and which complement the core curriculum. German courses can be taken at the Language Center of the University of Erfurt.

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Dr. Anne Grüne, Prof. Dr. Kai Hafez, Prof. Dr. Patrick Rössler
(Program Coordination)

Dr. Anne Grüne
Dept. of Media and Communication Studies
University of Erfurt
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D-99089 Erfurt
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