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Vortrag: Pakistan in the Midst of a stormy Region


Vortrag und Diskussion in englischer Sprache von und mit

Marvi Memon (SciencesPo Asia Campus, Le Havre, Frankreich)

München, 6. März 2019, 13.15 – 14.30 Uhr

Centrum für angewandte Politikforschung, Maria-Theresia-Str. 21, 81675 München

Moderation: Ludwig Schulz, C.A.P.

The National Security Policy of Pakistan –
Regional Challenges and International Responses

Pakistan has since its birth had an acrimonious relationship with India, and has gone to war many times. When both states became nuclear powers, the nature of the conflict changed. Kashmir is certainly the core dispute, but there are many others with India which to date remain unresolved. This impacts the stability of the region and has an international fall out. With general elections in India around the corner in spring 2019, the tense relationship has heated up again. In addition, Pakistan is affected by the on-going war against extremism in Afghanistan, and by the international struggles over the Iranian nuclear program. What are Pakistan’s national security objectives in this volatile regional neighborhood, and how does it act internationally?
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Marvi Memon, born in Karachi in 1972, is a humanitarian and scholar, and has been parliamentarian, cabinet member, and CEO. After schooling from Karachi, Paris and Kuwait, she graduated from the London School of Economics with B.Sc (Econ.) Honors in International Relations in 1993. She has since worked for Citibank, been CEO of Pakistan's first satellite tracking company, advised the President of Pakistan on Media Management, the Ministry of Investments, been a parliamentarian for two consecutive terms, an Information Committee Chairperson in parliament, chaired as Minister the largest social safety net of Pakistan BISP, and is currently on a lecture tour of Europe, based at the SciencePo Asia Campus in Le Havre, France. She has been awarded the UK House of Commons Speaker Inaugural Democracy Award 2017, the French Officier de Merite award 2017 and Membership of the World Bank Advisory Gender Council 2017.