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Published Books

  • Yezidis in Iraq: Between Citizenship and Policies of Marginalization (1958-2005). Lewiston: Mellen Press, 2018.
  • Who Are the Yezidis? The History and Genocide of an Ancient People. Lewiston: Mellen, 2017.
  • Mawqif al-Kūrd min Ḥarb al-Istiqlāl at-Turkīyah 1919-1922 [The Position of Kurds Towards the Turkish Independence War 1919-1922]. Duhok: Spirez Press, 2008.
  • (ed.), Maʾsāt al-Ēzidīyīn: al-Farmānāt wa-ḥamalāt al-ibādah ḍidda l-Kūrd al-Ēzidīyīn ʿibra t-tārīkh [The Yezidi Tragedy: The Campaigns Against the Yezidis Throughout History]. Duhok: Khani Press, 2009.
  • (Hg.), Dirāsāt fī tārīkh al-Kūrd al-Ēzidīyīn [Studies in the History of Yezidi Kurds]. Duhok 2009.
  • (Hg.), An Introduction to Yezidians and Lalish. Duhok 2009.

Research Published in Local Magazines and Newspapers

  • such as Lalish (magazine), Dengê Lalish, at-Taʾākhī, Khabāt (newspapers), etc.

Academic Conferences

  • The Ottoman Attacks Against Yazidis. Paper presented at the International Conference of the Centre for Yezidi Research, Academic Department of Yezidi Forum e.V.: "Sinjar Genocide is the Tragedy of the Twenty-First Century"