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Curriculum vitae

  • 2006 B.A. am Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo
  • 2011 M.A. am Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo mit einer Magisterarbeit zur arabischen Übersetzung des Lukasevangelium von Hibat Allāh b. al-ʿAsal
  • 2013 Th.M. im Neuen Testament am Princeton Theological Seminar
  • seit 2013 Projektmitarbeiterin im DFG-Project “Biblia Arabica"


Conference Papers

May 2017 Münchner Zentrum Für Islamstudien (MZIS), Munich
“The Story of the Arabic Bible: Translating the Pauline Epistles”

May 2017 Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich
Paradigm Change in the Near and Middle East Workshop
“To Speak or not to Speak in the other’s Language: Two Examples from the Arabic Bible”

April 2017 Translators, Copyists and Interpreters: Jews, Christians and Muslims and the Transmission of the Bible in Arabic in the Middle Ages, Cordoba
“The Life Story of Ms. Sinai, Ar. 151”

February 2017 The 25th Conference of the Arabic Christian Heritage, Cairo
“Sinai Arabic 151: Many Translations and One Manuscript”

August 2016 X Arab-Christian Congress, Rome
“The Versions of the Arabic Pauline Epistles”

March 2016 The Bible in Arabic: Christianity and Judaism in the Language of Islam, Uppsala
“The Textual History of the Arabic Pauline Epistles”

December 2015 The Bible in Arabic: 150 years on the Van Dyke Arabic Translation, Cairo
“The History of the Printed Editions of the Arabic Pauline Epistles

July 2015 European Association of Biblical Studies Conference (EABS), Cordoba
“Manuscript Sinai Arabic 310: A Bible in Qur’anic Language”

May 2015 Nida School for Translation Studies (NSTS), Misano Adriatico, Italy
“The Arabic Pauline Letters: The Trends and Strategies of Translation (9th -14th century)”

July 2014 International Societies of Biblical Literature Conference (ISBL), Vienna
“Paul and the Pauline Epistles in the Islamic Polemical Works”