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Susanne Eckstein


Weitere Informationen

Susanne Eckstein is a M.A. student of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at the University of Cologne. Since October 2016, she works as a research assistant at the Department of Oriental Studies (UoC). In 2015/2016, she was occupied as a teacher of German as a Foreign Language for Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian refugees. In 2016, she participated in a Summer School and an excursion to Jordan within the framework of the project ‘Struggling for Social Justice’ (UoC) in which she learned about the topics of human rights, migration and social justice.

Research Interests:

Project: Methods of mediation of the patient’s culture to the therapist within intercultural psychotherapy via translators. Her research interest is in the field of intercultural communication and exchange. In this project, she wants to develop a model on mediation of culture via translators in intercultural psychotherapy. For her Master’s thesis, she will occupy herself with the contact and exchange of people of different cultural backgrounds in binational relationships.