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Ramazan Demirlek

Ramazan Demirlek


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Ramazan Demirlek is a BA student in Near and Middle Eastern Studies at Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich. His academic interests include intersectionality, racism and questions of identity. He is volunteering at a NGO who does social work for homeless sex workers. He also works as an educator for school children and organizes workshops on human rights issues for the Institute of Education of the municipality of Munich. His research topic in the framework of the DAAD project focuses on LGBT activism of Palestinians in Israel.

Research Interests: 

Multiple forms of discrimination against Palestinian LGBTs in Israel and strategies to counter them:

The situation of Palestinian LGBTs in Israel is a very specific one. Palestinian queers in Israel face racism as Arabs and homophobia and transphobia as sexual minorities. Therefore Palestinian LGBT activism is not comparable to activism in other countries and resistance is inseparable from critics of racism, homophobia and the results of occupation of 1967. This research shall figure out the question of how Palestinian LGBT groups in Israel organize themselves, how local activism looks like, which activities are offered to queers and activists strategies that call attention to the multiple forms of discrimination Palestinian queers are facing.

My project aims to investigate the problems Palestinian queers are facing, as well as their political strategies, demands and positions as a result of their experience of multiple forms of discrimination as Palestinians and LGBTs. For this purpose I'm planning to interview activists, analyze and evaluate digital and analog documents such as calls for demonstrations and flyers. Interviews shall be conducted face to face and audio-recorded. Due to the multiple forms of discrimination Palestinian LGBT activism in Israel, as resulting from the Occupation, cannot be easily compared to LGBT activism elsewhere. Consequently their demands and activist strategies are also highly specific and need further consideration.