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Nadine Loehr

Nadine Loehr


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Nadine is a Master student at the Institute for Near and Middle Eastern studies at LMU Munich. 

Research Interests:

More and more adventure-seeking tourists as well as foreign artists aim to leave their own mark on the famouse seperation wall between Palestine and Israel. Many of these graffities differe heavily from those which can be found in refugee camps, less touristic sites and rural villages. This raises some questions: What are the differences between graffities of palestinians and those of foreigners? And more importantly, how do foreigners picture the palestinians in their works in contrast to how the palestinian portray themselves? Which symbols are used to represent the other's identity? How is trauma pictured and are the westerners’ graffities influenced by their own traumatic experiences of world war two? By answering these questions the paper shall argue that foreign graffiti artists do actively impose their vision of the traumatised palestinian identity on a people that are portraying themselfs in a very different way. For the purposes of this analysis a collection of about 100 graffiti works were gathered (on the separation wall as well as in several cities of the westbank) in summer 2016.