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Hrag Vosgerichian

Research fellow and project coordinator


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Hrag Vosgerichian is a graduate student in psychology at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon. Hrag’s research interests include power hierarchies, inequality, identity, empathy, culture and methodology. He completed his undergraduate studies in Psychology and Cognitive Science at the American University of Beirut. Throughout his undergraduate career, he studied Lebanese-Syrian relations through the lens of the stereotype content model and prejudice reduction strategies. Before starting his graduate studies, Hrag conducted cross-cultural research on philosophical intuitions and the structure of personality in the Levant, among other projects.

Research project

Throughout his German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) fellowship, he is interested in studying social psychological processes in the aftermath of mass intergroup violence. Specifically, he seeks to understand the impact and mechanisms of Armenians’ collective victimization on their relations towards present-day disadvantaged groups in Lebanon, such as Syrian refugees, Palestinian refugees and foreign domestic workers. The underlying motivation of this research is to assess Lebanese-Armenians’ attitudes and behaviors towards other groups and to show that different forms of victim consciousness can differentially predict intergroup outcomes. To conduct his research, Hrag takes into consideration political, historical and structural variables related to Armenians in Lebanon, and he relies on quantitative and qualitative methodologies.