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Areej Faza

Areej Faza


Weitere Informationen

Areej Faza’ is a Palestinian MA student in the field of Conflict Resolution and Development, her thesis is focusing on the topic of Violence among University Students. She is the executive secretary of the Vice President for International Relations Office at The Arab American University-Jenin (AAUJ). She was a member in the Preparatory Committee for the two Annual International Conferences held at AAUJ in the years 2014 and 2015. In addition to that, she assisted in the three-year- Exchange Program (2012-2015) between AAUJ, the University of Coventry (UK) and the University of Kadir Has (Istanbul). She went to Coventry University as part of the academic exchange program between the both universities and participated in the Summer School of Peace held at Kroc Institute at Notre Dame University in Indiana, the United States. Mrs. Faza’ is a mother, a wife, and a volunteer in Women's Association in Jenin.


Research Interests

Her research interests revolve around religion, violence and traumatic experience. She is preparing a paper focusing in “The Role of Religion in Mitigating the Impacts of Violent Traumatic Experience: The Case of the Jenin Refugee Camp in 2002”, for the Research Partnership " Violence, Forced Migration and Exile: Trauma in the Arab World and in Germany" by the Ludwigs -Maximilians-University Munichwith four Palestinian universities, starting this year 2017.