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Ali Kassem


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Working under the broad label of Sociology of religion, I have worked on religious discourse, religious knowledge production, religious institutions and religious symbols. My focus has mainly been on Islam, although I have done comparative work. I obtained my master’s degree from the American University of Beirut in 2016 with a thesis titled ‘The Social Sciences in the Formation of Shia Scholars in Lebanon’. I have also been involved in a number of projects investigating forced migration, particularly on Syrian refugees, in the West Asia region.
Upon my graduation from AUB, I took up the position of part-time lecturer at the university's Sociology department as well as a consultancy with the Lebanese Centre for Policy Studies. In parallel, I became involved in three research projects with the Universities of Oxford, of Munich (LMU) and of Aix-Marseilles. I also took up a brief research position (four months) at AUB's department of Urban planning.

Research Interests:

My research interests span the sociology of religion and of knowledge, post and decolonial theory as well as migration studies. Starting in September 2017, I joined Sussex's school of Law, Politics and Sociology to pursue a PhD in Sociology investigating the resurgence of Islam, material religion and women’s political agency in Lebanon.