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Salim Hmimnat

PhD Salim Hmimnat

research fellow "The Maghreb in Transition"


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Salim Hmimnat, PhD in Political Science, is a Research Fellow at the Institute of African Studies (IEA), University Mohammed V in Rabat, Morocco. His current research focuses on two main interrelated areas: The first one covers the interaction between Islamist movements, political regime and modernization process in contemporary Morocco. In addition to many papers and chapters which already have been produced on the matter, a book will be published soon titled “The Religious Policy in Morocco (1984-2002) [in Arabic]. Casablanca: Afrique Orient, 2016. The second area has to do with the dynamics of Jihadist groups and Counter-Radicalization strategies in North Africa and the Sahel. He is presently working on a research project that deals with the policy-making process and mechanisms of the implementation of Morocco’s Trans-national Religious Policy.


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