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Aberrahim Chalfaouat

Abderrahim Chalfaouat

research fellow "The Maghreb in Transition"


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Abderrahim Chalfaouat is a PhD candidate in advertising and communication at Hassan II University of Casablanca. He researches the intersections between TV and the public interest in Morocco. Prior to that, he had completed an MA in Moroccan American Studies in 2011 and a BA in English linguistics in 2000. Abderrahim’s research interests include media and society, cultural analysis, MENA politics and democratization. He has participated in different academic events, including the Annenberg Oxford media policy institute at Oxford (2015), a Summer University Course at CEU, Budapest (2012), the Stockholm Internet Forum in Sweden (2013) and the German Council on Foreign Relations’ Alumni Conference of the EU-Middle East Forum in Berlin (2014). He also contributed to discussing the Arab Barometer findings at the American Institute for Maghrib Studies’ annual conference on Linking Public Opinion and Political Action, in Tunis (2015). Abderrahim’s list of publications includes a book chapter entitled “The Internet under the Moroccan Spring: opportunities and challenges” found in the 2014 collection Social Media Revolution (in English and Turkish). Another book chapter is “Media and freedom of expression in post-colonial Morocco” in the 2015 Free Speech and Censorship around the Globe from CEU Press. His most recent scientific publication is "Whistleblowing Morocco’s Diplomacy Strategy", on the website of the Centre for Global Communication Studies. Meanwhile, Abderrahim frequently comments on Moroccan politics on local and international media outlets.